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Engagement Rings Trends

Celebrity Inspired Engagement Ring Trends
It appears that all of young Hollywood has fallen in love.  They have also fallen head over heels in love with their engagement rings!  When you’re contemplating an engagement ring, you may care to consider that engagement rings can tell you a lot about a person.  Here are three top celebrity engagement ring styles and some clues to what the style means:


Fancy Shaped Diamonds

When you think about engagement rings, most people think of round stones.  Round is undoubtedly the most popular shape.  However, outside of rounds stones lies a world of “fancy” shapes including emerald, oval, marquis, pear, and cushion.  These fancy shaped sparklers say the person is fashion forward and looking to break out of the pack with distinctive style.  Celebrity fancy shape engagement ring wearers include Ellen Pompeo (emerald), Katherine Heigl (pear), Eva Longoria (emerald), and Victoria Beckham (marquis).


Romantic Vintage Inspiration

Vintage engagement rings are romantic and ornately crafted.  However, you don’t have to scour estate stores to find vintage design.  New, vintage inspired rings are being meticulously designed to be just as beautiful as their successors.  Platinum is the metal of choice but white gold is another option for vintage styles best suited for cool metals.  Vintage and vintage inspired rings say the person is passionate, optimistic and hopelessly romantic.  Celebrities such as Kate Walsh, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Love Hewitt adore vintage styles. 


Brilliant Color

Getting engaged is a colorful time in a couple’s life.  Engagement rings are now equally as vibrant and vivid.  Diamonds come in every color in the rainbow.  However, like a rainbow on a clear day, they are very rare.  Being rare also makes them very valuable and pricey.  Yet, small accent stones can be attainable and make a big impact.  Yellow diamonds are more widely available than nearly every other color in the engagement ring arena.   Women wearing colored diamonds want to make heads turn and are fun spirited while craving luxury.  Heidi Klum, Rebecca Romijn and Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen’s wife) all have yellow diamond engagement rings.

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