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1. Pay at the post office near you ( Pkg. ) provided to deposit 50 % of all orders . Before delivery


2. Transfer money from bank account


SCB banks .


Kad Sawn Keaw Chiang Mai


Sutimas Wannakomal

Saving Account No





Delivery confirmation on payment , you can transfer through ATM - bank . - Fast and secure online banking from the link below



How to confirm the transfer

• SMS to phone number 083-572-9982 (24 hour ) or mail ( 24 hour ) .
• Call 053-802-679 or 083-572-9982 Customer Service Fine Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 17:30 am

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3. The payment for the jewelry . And services through the Service or Tesco LOTUS counters nationwide

New system that allows you to buy . Fine products from an online store 's Web Forum Thai Cottage - www. Service counter or via Tesco LOTUS , you can pay through counter service centers in more than 5,000 convenience stores nationwide and are payable over a 24 hour

The payment counter service or Tesco LOTUS

1. Please select a product from an online store www.
2. You choose the payment counter serviceOr Tesco LOTUS
3. You print bar codes. Received by mail to register your purchase or use of the sms messages to your payment. The total amount to be paid. When you use one of the messages from the mail or by phone. According to your convenience. You can pay at the counter service center Or Tesco LOTUS All over the country
4.www. Will receive your payment . And a product that you ordered . Delivery within 24 hours or immediately


Terms of payment through counter service

1. The payment amount must be paid not less than 30,000 baht
2. Currency of payment is cash baht only

Fee for service payments over the counter

Support for counter service (customer responsibility)
    In Bangkok and its vicinity15 baht for 1 payment
    Outside Bangkok and its vicinity 20 baht for 1 payment


Service . From 5.5.55 onwards, you can pay via TESCO LOTUS jewelry stores across the country .

New system that allows you to buy. Fine products from an online store's Web Forum Thai Cottage - www. by Tesco Lotus branches comfortable and can be made every day.

Fee is 5 Baht per one payment only. (The customer is liable)

Through Lotus


4. Payment via credit card online (PAYSBUY Direct)

The system accepts payment by credit card. The purchases can be made through the merchant's site connected to the system PAYSBUY Immediately after the selected product / service you have. Simply complete the purchase with your credit card information PAYSBUY Direct Systems PAYSBUY Will be charged for goods / services from the credit card automatically . The amount remitted to the account PAYSBUY Shop now

credit card payment

The advantages of PAYSBUY Direct

♦ Get paid for 24 hours

♦ VISA and MasterCard credit cards and bank cards around the world, including AMEX.

♦ The staff provides advice and check payments to prevent card fraud(Fraud Screening)

Security of PAYSBUY

PAYSBUY Using data encryption with Secure Socket Layer (SSL 128 bits) together with other modern technologies. To protect our users' information. This causes the system PAYSBUY With a high level of data security, Internet banking leading the bank PAYSBUY Also make sure you use a credit card even with Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

Online store www. The system provides a convenient and safe as possible. To use our products and services. To make your stay in our products and services further into the future


If you have any problems . In the payment process . Can be contacted at 083-572-9982 or email:

Or contact the customer directly Tel: 02-160-5463 , 083-540-8373 or email