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How to Buy Fine

1. Phone orders and inquiries every day from 9:00 to 5:30 p.m. Phone 053-802679 or after a specified time Tel. 083-572-9982

2. Can be ordered via the website. the section "Contact Us" or email to purchase the item. (24 hour).

3. Counter sale of Fine Silver Jewelry and Jewelry Trade, G Park, Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai Tel : 089-7009356

4. New channels via LIVE CHAT - chat live online 24 hours

Buy Fine. Through the shopping cart. - Easy - fast - secure



1. Select the products you want to buy. With the ring size you wish to order. If not known, leave it and store it into the basket




2. Please help us. If you want to buy another product to the shopping. If you want to buy it in the basket, press the button to pay





3. Encrypt your membership . If you do not apply . Please click the button . The new application has the right and then after you register . I will return to this page again to enter the Members and password and press the OK button connected to the order






4. You will be redirected to the page information sent to you in detail the number and shipping address . Which can be solved . After you select a shipping method . Then press the Continue button







5. You will be redirected to the payment information page , please check the details of price and shipping address . Which can be solved . After you select a payment method . Then press the Continue button .







6. You will be redirected to the Order Summary page you can check all the details one last time and press Confirm Order . Order to completely finish

You will receive a mail order confirmation email that you registered . To a data transfer

Summary of the order basket

Enter a product number>. Choose a size ring>. Shopping Cart>. Encryption / new>
. Check / correct shipping address>. How to send a>. Choose a payment method>. Press the Confirm Order>
. Welcome to order. Be sent to the email you>.

Orders officials

If you choose not to use the shopping cart order . You can submit your product information - product - price - a - a (ring ) has a contact or phone orders at 083-572-9982 .
We will get back within a 24 hour working day with an order confirmation as PDF files so you can check the data again . Before the transfer . Once the payment is made . The time now is . or call 083-572-9982 .
Delivery staff will send confirmation to shipping it to you to know the number I can check the shipping status of delivery . That 's where you go . When you reach home ้

Just four simple steps to order online with your site 's Fine Thai love online shopping - convenience . - Security - Save time