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Buying The Ring She’ll Love

Engagement ring is one of the married couples. In addition to the media, but also a reminder of everlasting love. And tells the story of the binding of both Connected to time how long it will remain valuable. Eternal as his love for the two of you. Before marriage, the couple saw a couple walking hand in hand back to the ring with a look enviable. It has been the topic of many a bride to choose her own ring. In addition to the engagement ring. I also made ??a surprise hook up for a long time, she was impressed.

Self Selecting an engagement ring is considered to be a great decision. Because if I choose. Ring to it as a symbol of your love. Worn on the ring finger of her left hand with pride for life. There are many choices for you to find a ring that would be appropriate for the bride and the best in your future.

1. I know what she likes

tells you that it's time for us to do is to choose the ring together. You should respond with a voice as sweet as the other two do not move, darling. To manage the office to finish first. We will not have time to ring together fully. This is to give you the feeling that you have to focus on this issue. I spent two weeks in an attempt to observe the rings she wears is that there is a way. Popular white gold or platinum. And the size of her left ring finger as well. Then you may have to ask for more information from people close to her, either.
A close friend, or your sister, even when the data is managed to buy my ring. What is the most surprising.

2. asked her directly

In the event that you ensure that you do not like or do not like. Choosing not to risk seems to be a very good solution. It's no secret I do not know who she is not. Just ask her straight. I want to know ring. Or holding hands, try to select an engagement ring together. If you find a ring you like and it feels like the ring to it. It is the last choice you will have to buy one. But we should not pretend that it is better to see each other before. Or the day after I see it. Then you can quickly return your purchase. Although she said that she would like you to ring me. I bought her a ring like that. To reveal the heart of the romantic atmosphere that does not mean that it is not a surprise.

3. The ring is a legacy

If you have an heirloom ring from your grandmother or grandmother. Try to make your sweetheart look like this. If you like it and happy with the rings is very old. I used it to scrub the sparkle and shine to the ring.
I'll let her go. But if you say it's not trendy. You might say that the band did not like that until you find a new band.
Best to you. Or you could take it to the store where the ring design ring diamond deal with the other adaptations. New design for metal or other way you like. This ring is also becoming a new ring immediately. It is a legacy that still ring in my left ring finger dessert with you for life.

4.Decide for yourself

เข้าใจดีว่าผู้ชายเลือกแหวนไม่ละเอียดอ่อนเท่ากับผู้หญิง But there are some women who like the things you love to buy it. Somehow, even though it is not pretty today. So, when you are more than 80 percent thought that she would like what you like, too, which is the most vulnerable I was to buy an engagement ring with the intention. Information may be slightly out of magazine or journal with collectible figures ring selection. And most importantly, you must consider the old. The difference of diamonds and forms. In addition, it might be something else to match with the engagement ring worthy luxury box wearing a beautiful diamond ring. This is the way she likes it even more.

Choose principles engagement ring

How to buy a ring is a big deal. So you have to learn and a lot to consider. Before you decide to buy.

1.In order to consider 4 points, cut, clarity, color and carat weight determine the quality of diamond. The cut was so talented that notice of the incident light is reflected towards a sparkling diamond eyes. Diamond cut too deep. Shallow or too light, not as good as it should. It is cheaper than a diamond is cut well. The color is the same as the diamond quality.
Gems of America and the standards of white diamonds GlA divided as follows.
D grade diamond is colorless or colorless diamonds are the most expensive to Z by white diamonds (DZ).
Be suitable for housing.
Platinum or Gold, and Platinum.
The yellow and white diamonds (KZ) is suitable for the case of gold. It includes a colorful diamonds. But rarely used.
Wedding ring too much. The clarity of the ring must not blame the price will be reduced by quality. The carat weight of the diamond, you can tell by the size of the standard price is higher by weight.

Two. Absolutely sure that the certificate is very important. You will need to make sure that the ring you buy is certified jewelery store that came with the product. The Institute has a number of institutions, such as check or AGSL GlA because the certificate. Can guarantee that you are buying a diamond ring is not intended to deceive.
I just sold you must remember to ask if the warranty certificate, or that I have to specify the return and exchange.
The product. After the sale or not. Including the administration, sales and more. Another benefit of your own.

3.Another thing to consider is that of housing. Try to select a ring which you think looks really good. If you like sweet ring pretty strong. Durable and soft shine. It is wise to choose a platinum ring Platt. But if your budget is not enough, it's probably because I'm a white gold ring with platinum ring Platt. And grade of durable metal, not some distorted too easily, which is very popular nowadays. I like the classic case of gold. A gold ring with a beautiful pattern. It is an alternative that can be purchased easily online gold. But it must be noted that the type of gold used 10k, 18k, or 24k etc.


  • Starting a marriage with debt is not fun. No one wants to bankrupt themselves just the same as buying the ring. Planning will help you to buy my engagement ring. At no cost to Karma.
  • The bride of the future will need to take the ring, and may be transmitted to the next generation. Thus, the ring is worth buying. Even if you have to pay any salary over two months combined
  • Consider quality over quantity. If you are not sure what size diamond he likes to choose quality over quantity.
  • If you are purchasing a ring with a credit card.
    You need to be in order and you do not plan to make monthly payments with it.
    Refused all offers to the seller because it will allow you to pay by reason, but if you're a purist.
    May then lead to the diamond to the economy seems good as well.

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